Viking Cyprus manages tankers (MR and Panamax) and has the resource and expertise of handling Chemical carriers and Bulk Carriers

We also manage the entire condition surveys for various clients twice a year for 40 vessels. The operations team is responsible for: supporting the officers and crew onboard to execute the voyage safely and efficiently; monitoring and paying port dues; procuring high quality bunkers in an economical manner; and collecting the freight and other revenue pursuant to the charter parties.

Technical Surveys

We conduct surveys on behalf of P & I clubs and H&M insurance underwriters. Through our personal intervention as unbiased mediators we convince claimants to minimize losses through segregation, re-conditioning and repair.

Bunker and Cargo Quantity Surveys

Our experienced surveyors offer impartial, independent quantity measurement inspection services for marine fuels and issue detailed reports to confirm fuel quantity and quality. These reports help clients support bunker shortage and or quality disputes.

Bunker Technical and Claims division

We can be the dedicated desk handling your bunker technical matters globally as and when needed, 24/7 support service is provided to respective buyers/sellers/traders in the event of an issue such as Compatibility issues…

Agency Service – UAE

A key factor deciding the ability of an agency is protecting Owners, Charters and Managers interest in whatever way possible.


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